Lessons to Learn

While “Homer’s Big Adventure” seems like a pleasant little tale of a wooden bear who is trying to return to his garden, there are some basic lessons in the underlying theme.

As he ponders his situation, he is joined by various other animals, all who are trying to help him.  These are different animals, all with thier own  attributes.  Still, they come together to solve a common problem.  People can do this, also.  Persons of different backgrounds, ethnic origins, or gender, to name a few, can join to meet a common goal. This is the lesson of cooperation.

Friendship is also a lesson.  Friends come in all sizes and shapes and interests.  These animals become friends to Homer.  They are interested in him. As we grow, we gather friends along the way.  Each is special to us.

As the reader rereads the book, other lessons may emerge. That is the adventure one finds in “Homer’s Big Adventure”.


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