Reading to a Child

“Homer’s Big Adventure” is a book for younger children, and a good tool for introducing them to the adventure of reading.  Parents, grandparents, and teachers can all take part in this.

Parents can read this book to their children.  Taking time to spend with them, enjoying the story and the pictures, helps children grow to appreciate books and stories. It also helps children in their development of language and vocabulary. A quiet time spent reading and talking about the story helps children in a multitude of ways.

Grandparents have a special place in a child’s life.  Having them read to the child not only develops a bond with the child, but also helps the child expand his knowledge and ideas.

Teachers can read the book to their class at reading time, and help them explore the adventure Homer has, as well as discuss with them the idea of friendship.  As the animals join together to solve his problem, they form a group of friends.  This thought can be expanded into other areas of the learning process.  Getting along with others is important for them to learn in the early years.  This carries forward into later stages of development. Also, teachers can cover the qualities of the animals, and how each is special.  They can discuss each one as to its nature, habits,and other attributes.

So we see that reading this book to younger children can help them expand their interests as well as entertain them. Time spent reading to a child is never wasted.


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