Home means many things to many people.  It can be a place of refuge, a port in a storm, or the place of one’s birth.  Anything can qualify as a home.  Castles, hovels, tents, estates, and even caves can qualify.

Pliny the Elder said that “Home is where the heart is.”  Thus, home can also be a state of mind, a feeling of comfort and peace.  Wherever people feel safe and secure, they can feel at home.  Wherever they have the love of family and friends, they are home.

Homer’s home was a garden, a collection of potted plants and flowers.  He felt safe here.  He had friends, such as the chipmunk, and the birds that visited the plants and nested in the nearby bird houses. People also took care of him, seeing that he was taken inside during storms.

When the wind blew him away from his home, he was confused and upset.  Nothing was familiar, and he felt lost. Then new friends appeared and worked to get him home.  They knew how much he needed to go there, and they did their best to see that he returned.

Og Mandino said “You never know what events are going transpire to get you home.”

That was certainly true for Homer.


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