My Inspiration

“Homer’s Big Adventure” started out as a device to help promote sleep. I usually spend two or three nights a week lying awake in the early morning hours listening to the sounds outside our home. Many a night I have heard the soft “woo-woo” of the great horned owl living in the woods behind us.  Sometimes he was very loud and sounded close by, and other times he sounded far away.
We also have quite a bit of wildlife here, such as deer, opossum, skunk, squirrels and chipmunks. Birds also visit our feeders in winter, and our garden in summer. Our garden consists of several pots of shrubs and flowering plants, all placed in front of our wooden gazebo.  Here resides Homer, the little wooden bear that we bought during our trip to Alaska.
During one particularly windy night, I began to fantasize as to what would happen to Homer should the wind be strong enough to blow him out of the garden.  On nights when I couldn’t sleep, I would add to the story.  Finally I decided to write it all down in my computer. The decision to publish my story came much later.  I had considered an idea for a different type of book, and, not knowing just what to expect in publishing something, I decided to use my little story as a trial to find out. “Homer’s Big Adventure” is the result.

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“Homer’s Big Adventure” is a fanciful children’s tale of a wooden bear who gets blown away by the wind from his yard. With the help of his animal friends, Homer is able to find his way home. After reading this story, children will not only be entertained, but also learn the power of friendship.

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